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The Conjure

A Novel of Supernatural Revenge
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HORROR'S UNLEASHED WHEN A WITCH-WOMAN'S KIN ARE KILLED! In this brand new chiller from Balrog Award winner Ardath Mayhar, when a drug cartel starts using the swamp country of East Texas as a key transfer point for their illicit cargo, its only a matter of time before one of the locals stumbles on the scene and has to be silenced. What they don't count on is what happens when Lena McCarver, the local witch-woman learns about the murder. Slowly she begins to conjure a spell that will bring the kingpin of the cartel back to the swamp -- where his worst nightmares are about to be brought to very vivid life! As for the rest of his gang, she intends they also get exactly what they deserve. Ardath Mayhar writes "a riveting tale. Gritty realism, excellent characterization, and a strong sense of place..." raves Book News. Ardath Mayhar's books contain "almost tangible atmosphere -- summer heat, wildlife, details of farm life -- emanating from every page. [They are] "full of vitality and spirit, vivid in setting, and have the ring of truth," says Kirkus Reviews.

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