book cover of Forbidden Geometries

Forbidden Geometries

An Epic Fantasy of a Desert World
A novel by

IN THE TRADITION OF DUNE! The desert world Sherazade was settled long ago by desert peoples from Earth -- Kushites, Apaches, Arabs -- and then forgotten . Centuries later it is a world of city-states. One, Sathorn, has long been ruled by a weak family and a corrupt Council. The new ruler, Karenya, who possesses the ability to use the forbidden geometries that can predict the future, is determined to change things and reform the Council. When a glimpse of the future shows her being slain by the Council's assassins, Karenya finds she must flee her own realm. Stealing a horse, she crosses the desert until captured by the Shemesh, mountain raiders, who sell her as a slave. In her determined effort to reach her cousin, who might help her regain her city, she escapes and finds allies, Claw of the Eagle, an Apache, Yeber, a peaceful Kushite, and Usep. Each agrees to help Karenya in her quest for justice. Togther they encounter deadly dangers, mysterious beings, and reach terribly strange ends. The multi-award winning author's finest sf novel yet!

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