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The Arrow of love

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Dust jacket notes: "The tireless, inexhaustible creativity of Frederick Manfred is demonstrated again by these great novelettes. A sharp turn from many of the giant novels Manfred has produced, these stories show the author's tremendous versatility in being refined, chiseled in the great tradition of the novelette. Versatility is also demonstrated by the variety among the three stories. Title novelette is 'Arrow of Love,' which the author calls 'a romance.' It is set in the Siouxland of fairly early contact between the Indians and the Whites. The story gains power as the Indian brave and the Indian maiden, of warring tribes, achieve a love which promises to cut across all enmities. Yet the traditions of their culture destroy them. This destruction indicates so clearly the impending results in the Indian-White history. Second of the novelettes, 'Lew and Luanne,' is called 'a comedy.' Here is sharply delineated one of the basic ways of life of a Siouxland of years ago in a pathetic yet antic story of grudging, gruff, independent Lew and the great love between him and his daughter Luanne. Undoubtedly Lew will become one of the sharpest portraits Manfred has ever done in his vast gallery of significant characters. Third novelette is 'Country Love,' called 'a pastoral.' Here is love between two inseparable boys threatened by their shared love for one girl and then almost destroyed by a pathetic accident. How life and the concerns of love cope with these destructive forces presents one of the most winning themes in Manfred fiction. As is clear, all three of these novelettes belong in that vast work of Siouxland which has engaged Manfred's tremendous abilities, and they add some of the finest insights into the character of Siouxland people, past and present."

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