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A Scary Tale of New York

(The second book in the Stryker series)
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Amazon Five Star Review of This Town Must Die (Stryker Book 2):
Stryker is fantastic, very hard to put down. A great read. What we want is more Stryker please Ken.

A plumber's truck is parked on a busy road in Washington DC not far from the White House. It contains a dirty bomb which, were it to explode, would turn the whole of Washington into a radioactive wasteland for many years to come. The device is the real thing except it doesn't have a detonator and therefore is a terrifying demonstration of how this gang of extortionists are more than capable of doing the same again, only this time actually detonating the device. The US government, having been given a deadline before a real bomb explodes somewhere else, have no option other than to give in to the criminals' demands of $320 million and there is no reason whatsoever why the extortionists can't try the same thing again and again. Their demands will probably escalate outrageously unless they are stopped. In fact these demands can bankrupt the world's richest country so it's now imperative that the criminals are caught as soon as possible.
Within the US Homeland Security Department there is a new basic command unit known as CU 49. It's an extremely covert unit to the extent that even the president is unaware of its existence lest it compromises his presidential integrity. The unit carries out its work with a level of secrecy not available to, or even approved of, by the CIA or the FBI. Its field and technical operatives are drawn from all walks of life and are the best in the world: highly talented, highly trained and highly dangerous. They are exhaustively vetted so that they can work unfettered by the laws of the land and can be trusted not to abuse this unique and dangerous privilege. There are times when it is necessary to fight fire with fire, using the criminals' own code of conduct.
This gang is code-named Little Boy. Its leader is an Irishman called Michael Murray. Murray is a man of extreme evil, a charismatic genius, an unusually talented hypnotist and a man with a deep grudge against the world. He has a plan to ultimately blackmail the country out of billions of dollars. Right now, unless five billion dollars is paid, a dirty bomb planted somewhere in New York will explode and render the whole city uninhabitable for fifty years or more, and should this happen there are many more cities in the United States who would rather not be next.
Defeating them is a highly dangerous job which requires an undercover man to infiltrate Little Boy's gang, find out just where the New York bomb is and to bring Michael Murray to justice, dead or alive. CU49 choose an Englishman, Henry Stryker VC, to whom we're introduced in the first Stryker book, GOOD LUCK BAD TEMPER. It's a measure of the dangerous and violent nature of the task ahead of him that Stryker's "calling card" when applying for a job with Murray's organisation is the mutilated corpse of Murray's star hitman who's been sent to kill Stryker.

Genre: Mystery

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Title: This Town Must Die: A Scary Tale of New York (Stryker Book 2)
Author(s): Ken McCoy
Publisher: Ken McCoy
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