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Kendra Moreno was born and raised in Texas where, if the locusts don’t drive you mad, the fire ants and sticker burrs will. Iced tea, or aptly called straight sugar, fuels her for battling the forces of evil and washing the never ending dishes her son dirties. She has one husband who listens to her spin tall tales constantly without fail. Although he doesn’t always know what she’s talking about, he supports her like a high dollar brassier. Kendra has one son who will one day read her stories. For now she’s teaching him that books are meant to be cherished and not destroyed. Her three Hellhounds keep her company while she writes. If she isn’t writing, you can usually find Kendra elbows deep in anything from paint to cookie dough.

Genres: Paranormal Romance

   Kissed at Midnight (2017) (with Nesryn Black, Jadie, Candace Jane, Petra J Knox, Suzan Lee, JT Morris and Michela White)
   Cupid's Playthings: A Valentine's Day Collection (2018) (with Indra Frost, Sofia Ann Hoffman, Jadie, Nicole JeRee, Petra J Knox, Noel Marks, Wendie Nordgren and S N Wilson)
   At World's End (2018) (with Elizabeth Clare, Indra Frost, Suzan Lee, Noel Marks, KZ Riley, N J Scott, Jennifer Stone and C J Wunsch)
   Falling For Them Volume 4 (2018) (with Nikki Bolvair, Lyn Forester, Sofia Ann Hoffman, LA Kirk and Lili Zander)
   The Naughty List (2018) (with B L Damas, Sofia Ann Hoffman, Noel Marks, Missy Stewart, Jennifer Stone and S N Wilson)
   Shipwreck Souls (2019) (with K A Knight and Poppy Woods)
   Falling into Chaos (2019) (with Nikki Hunter, Liz Knox, A K Koonce, Nikki Landis, Courtney Lynn Rose, Iris Sweetwater, Lulu M Sylvian and Kelly A Walker)
   The Horror Emporium (2019) (with K A Knight and Poppy Woods)
   Airship Legends (2020) (with Anna Applegate, Thalia Blake, D L Howard, Julie L Kramer and Angela M Sanders)
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