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As a child, L.A. McBride loved all things vintage and Halloween. Fortunately, she moved to the Kansas City area where she discovered the wonders of old stockyards, world-class barbecue, and some of the greatest haunted houses in the country.
When she’s not writing urban fantasy / supernatural suspense, L.A. spends countless hours treasure hunting in thrift stores and attempting to win the devotion of a flock of chickens named after Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters.

Connect with L.A. through her website at lamcbride.com or facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/authorlamcbride.

Genres: Urban Fantasy
New and upcoming books
June 2024

Magic Heist
(Riley Cruz, book 3)
Kali James
   1. Fastening the Grave (2022)
   2. Threading the Bones (2022)
   3. Stitching the Talisman (2022)
   4. Gathering the Dead (2023)
Riley Cruz
   0.5. Boneyard Thief (2023)
   1. Relic Hunter (2023)
   2. Brimstone Burglar (2024)
   3. Magic Heist (2024)
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