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Jilleen Dolbeare is the author of the Shadow Winged Chronicles, an urban fantasy series about a shape-shifting bush pilot in Alaska.
She loves riding horses, warm ocean beaches, and long walks in the mountains, none of which she can do in the Arctic, so she writes. Her activities are riding her four-wheeler on cold ocean beaches (often frozen or covered with ice), and long walks to and from work when it’s 40 below—in the dark. She does keep her stakes sharp for those vamps that show up during the 67 days of night.
Jilleen lives with her husband and two hungry cats in Barrow, Alaska where she also discovered her love and admiration of the Inupiaq people and their folklore.


Genres: Urban Fantasy
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February 2024

Splintered Destiny
(Splintered Magic, book 6)
April 2024

The Vampire and the Case of the Secretive Siren
(Portlock Paranormal Detective, book 2)
May 2024

The Vampire and the Case of the Baleful Banshee
(Portlock Paranormal Detective, book 3)
June 2024

The Vampire and the Case of the Cursed Canine
(Portlock Paranormal Detective, book 4)
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