Mia Monroe

Mia Monroe has long been an avid romance reader and writer. As someone who identifies as the B in LGBTQ, Mia feels a special connection to these sometimes complicated stories.Once she read her first MM romance, she was hooked, and now wants to bring those stories to you. She's a hopeless romantic so she guarantees a happy ever after in all her stories, but she does not guarantee they will be without complications.
Mia describes her writing style as emotional and kinky with no limits on where her imagination will take her. No filters, no restraint, no apologies. She hopes you enjoy the ride and come back for more.
People will tell you Mia is funny in the most sarcastic of ways, fluent in inappropriate memes, loosely mora a lover of words, and fueled by coffee and tacos- but not at the same time. She has some standards.


Genres: Romance

   Dirty Daddies Pride 2022 (2022) (with Emma Alcott, Daryl Banner, P D Carter, Sammi Cee, Lesley Clark, Chara Croft, Chloe Lynn Ellis, Kelly Fox, Dakota Grace, Delia Grace, Lorelei M Hart, Susan Hawke, Gianni Holmes, M A Innes, Jacki James, Rayanna Jamison, Morticia Knight, Mika Lane, Jamie Merrick, Reese Morrison, K M Neuhold, Pepper North, Nora Pheonix, Nora Phoenix, Aster Rae, Siobhan Smile and Maren Smith)