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Susan Scarf Merrell

Genres: Literary Fiction
   A Member of the Family (2011)
   Shirley (2014)
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Susan Scarf Merrell recommends
My Last Innocent Year (2023)
Daisy Alpert Florin
"My Last Innocent Year hits a sweet spot: great storytelling, wonderful characters, and a genuinely complex set of ethical dilemmas that cannot be reduced to simple right and wrong."
The Cherry Robbers (2022)
Sarai Walker
"Oh, I love Sarai Walker's The Cherry Robbers! The Chapel sisters, of a fictional gun manufacturing fortune, grow up in a house that looks like a wedding cake. But each of them is fated to die on their wedding night, a multi-generational curse that seems to set free only those women who put art above marriage. A twisted take on the artist's coming-of-age story, The Cherry Robbers tackles deep questions about marriage, sexuality, familial loyalty, guns and the artist's life - a witty, delicious, demented joyride."
The World Gives Way (2021)
Marissa Levien
"A crackling post-apocalyptic novel and a literary stunner in the tradition of Station Eleven, about both the bang and the whimper at the end of the world."

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