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Aubree Valentine began her book world career back in 2016 as a virtual assistant for a friend/author and as a book blogger. While working with authors, PR companies and fellow bloggers, she fell even more in love with the Indie community and decided to launch her own small scale PR company where she continued to hone her skills as a virtual assistant to several authors and studied the ins and outs of what it takes to help succeed in the industry.
In early 2019, during an intense strategy session with one of her favorite author friends, they decided to join forces and take over the world. Or at least combine their know how and strengths when it comes to all things publishing, for the greater good, and therefore launched Forever Write Pr, LLC.Aubree doesn't always hang out behind the scenes though and has put her business knowledge to good use for herself as well. Her first book, Take Back My Heart, released in the fall of 2016, with its follow up - Come Back to Me launching a year later.
When she's not working with her partner in crime, you can find her penning fun and flirty stories about all of her imaginary and very smexy alphas. This includes her current and most popular series, Too Hot To Handle.Aubree has a degree in sarcasm and resides in Pennsylvania. She enjoys reading, chasing after her twins and her three furbabies, cuddling with her husband, and coming up with new project ideas that often involve power tools. She's usually always online via Facebook or Instagram @authoraubreevalentine.


Genres: New Adult Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense
New and upcoming books
September 2024

The Fouls We Make
(Braysen U, book 3)
February 2025

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The Sibling Rivalry
April 2025

The Hearts We Fumble
(Braysen U, book 4)
Heart's Compass
   1. Where I Found You (2017)
   2. Lost Before You (2017)
   3. Until I Found You (2019)
   4. Now That I Found You (2019)
   5. Where You Belong (2023)
Tattered Heart Duet
   1. Torn (2018)
   2. Tattered (2018)
Fall Forward
   1. Fall Forward 1 (2019)
   2. Fall Forward 2 (2021)
Rebels Havoc
   1. Brix (2020)
   Sins of a Rebel (2022)
   2. Tysin (2022)
   3. Trey (2022)
   4. Madden (2023)
Braysen U
   1. The Rivals We Hate (2023)
   2. The Plays We Fake (2024)
   The Games We Win (2024)
   3. The Fouls We Make (2024)
   4. The Hearts We Fumble (2025)
   Personal Foul (2020)
   Wild Irish (2021)
   Ad Spes (2021)
   The Sibling Rivalry (2025)
thumbthumbthumbno image available
   Playing To Win (2020) (with others)
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