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General Besserley's Puzzle Box

A collection of stories by

General Besserly is a retired American officer, formerly of the Secret Service, but now elegantly living on the French Riveria. He serves as a singular problem solver and savior of last resort for an assortment of young and old who have strayed from the straight and narrow. Solving the problems of inveterate gamblers, capturing notorious criminals, or working to fulfill the wishes of a dying Baroness, he works his magic, most often for beautiful young women.

Short story collection containing:

The Man Who Thought He Was a Pauper
The Lady in the Grey Wig
The Man Who Harnessed the Laws of Chance
The Phantom Fleet
The Devil's Wind
The Mysterious Pirandettis
The Butterfly in the Death Chamber
Giants in the Countinghouse
The Bride of the Shining Hour

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