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E Phillips Oppenheim

(Edward Phillips Oppenheim)
UK flag (1866 - 1946)

aka Anthony Partridge

A best-selling author of novels, short stories, magazine articles, translations, and plays, Oppenheim published over 150 books. He is considered one of the originators of the thriller genre, his novels also range from spy thrillers to romance, but all have an undertone of intrigue.
   Expiation (1887)
   A Monk of Cruta (1894)
   A Daughter of the Marionis (1895)
     aka To Win the Love He Sought
   The Peer and the Woman (1895)
   False Evidence (1896)
   A Modern Prometheus (1896)
   The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown (1896)
   The Wooing of Fortune (1896)
   The Postmaster of Market Deighton (1897)
   As a Man Lives (1898)
   A Daughter of Astrea (1898)
   Mysterious Mr. Sabin (1898)
   The Man and His Kingdom (1899)
   Mr. Marx's Secret (1899)
   A Millionaire of Yesterday (1900)
   The World's Great Snare (1900)
   Enoch Strone (1901)
     aka The Great Awakening
   The Survivor (1901)
   A Sleeping Memory (1902)
   The Traitors (1902)
   A Prince of Sinners (1903)
   The Yellow Crayon (1903)
   Anna the Adventuress (1904)
   The Betrayal (1904)
   A Maker of History (1905)
   The Master Mummer (1905)
   A Lost Leader (1906)
   Mr. Wingrave, Millionaire (1906)
     aka The Malefactor
   The Tragedy of Andrea (1906)
   Berenice (1907)
   The Conspirators (1907)
     aka The Avenger
   The Distributors (1908) (as by Anthony Partridge)
     aka Ghosts of Society
   The Governors (1908)
   The Missioner (1908)
   The Secret (1908)
     aka The Great Secret
   Jeanne of the Marshes (1909)
   The Kingdom of Earth (1909) (as by Anthony Partridge)
     aka The Black Watcher
   The Illustrious Prince (1910)
   The Lost Ambassador (1910)
   Passers By (1910)
   The Falling Star (1911)
     aka The Moving Finger
   Havoc (1911)
   As Far as They Had Got (1911) (with Charles Garvice, Richard Marsh, Arthur Morrison, Barry Pain, W Pett Ridge and H A Vachell)
   The Court of St. Simon (1912)
   The Lighted Way (1912)
   Peter Ruff and the Double Four (1912)
   The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton (1913)
   The Mischief Maker (1913)
   The Tempting of Tavernake (1913)
   A People's Man (1914)
   The Vanished Messenger (1914)
   The Way of These Women (1914)
   The Black Box (1915)
   The Double Traitor (1915)
   Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo (1915)
   The Kingdom of the Blind (1916)
   The Cinema Murder (1917)
     aka The Other Romilly
   The Hillman (1917)
   Pawn's Count (1918)
   Mr. Lessingham Goes Home (1919)
     aka The Zeppelin's Passenger
   The Strange Case of Mr. Jocelyn Thew (1919)
     aka The Box with Broken Seals
   The Wicked Marquis (1919)
   The Devil's Paw (1920)
   The Great Impersonation (1920)
   Jacob's Ladder (1921)
   Nobody's Man (1921)
   The Profiteers (1921)
   The Amazing Quest of Mister Ernest Bliss (1922)
     aka The Curious Quest
   The Evil Shepherd (1922)
   The Great Prince Shan (1922)
   The Mystery Road (1923)
   The Passionate Quest (1924)
   The Wrath to Come (1924)
   Gabriel Samara Peacemaker (1925)
   Stolen Idols (1925)
   The Golden Beast (1926)
   Harvey Garrard's Crime (1926)
   Prodigals of Monte Carlo (1926)
   Ex-Duke (1927)
     aka The Interloper
   Miss Brown of X. Y. O. (1927)
   The Light Beyond (1928)
   Matorni's Vineyard (1928)
   The Glenlitten Murder (1929)
   The Treasure House of Martin Hews (1929)
   The Lion and the Lamb (1930)
   The Million Pound Deposit (1930)
   Simple Peter Cradd (1931)
   Up the Ladder of Gold (1931)
   Moran Chambers Smiled (1932)
     aka The Man from Sing Sing
   The Ostrekoff Jewels (1932)
   Jeremiah and the Princess (1933)
   Murder at the Monte Carlo (1933)
   The Gallows of Chance (1934)
   The Man without Nerves (1934)
     aka The Bank Manager
   Spy Paramount (1934)
   The Stranger Boarders of Palace Crescent (1934)
   The Battle of Basinghall Street (1935)
   Floating Peril (1936)
     aka The Bird of Paradise
   The Magnificent Hoax (1936)
     aka Judy of Bunter's Buildings
   The Dumb Gods Speak (1937)
   Envoy Extraordinary (1937)
   The Mayor on Horseback (1937)
   The Colossus of Arcadia (1938)
   The Spymaster (1938)
   And Still I Cheat the Gallows (1939)
   Exit a Dictator (1939)
   Sir Adam Disappeared (1939)
   The Strangers' Gate (1939)
   The Shy Plutocrat (1941)
   The Man Who Changed His Plea (1942)
   Mr. Mirakel (1943)
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   The Long Arm of Mannister (1908)
   For the Queen (1912)
   Those Other Days (1912)
   Mr. Laxworthy's Adventures (1913)
   The Amazing Partnership (1914)
   An Amiable Charlatan (1916)
     aka The Game of Liberty
   Mysteries of the Riviera (1916)
   Aaron Rodd, Diviner (1920)
   Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat (1920)
   The Honorable Algernon Knox, Detective (1920)
   The Seven Conundrums (1923)
   The Inevitable Millionaires (1923)
   Michael's Evil Deeds (1923)
   The Terrible Hobby of Sir Joseph Londe (1924)
   The Adventures of Mr. Joseph P. Gray (1925)
   The Little Gentleman from Okehampstead (1926)
   The Channay Syndicate (1927)
   Madame and Her Twelve Virgins (1927)
   Mr. Billingham, the Marquis and Madelon (1927)
   Nicholas Goade, Detective (1927)
   Chronicles of Melhampton (1928)
   The Exploits of Pudgy Pete (1928)
   The Human Chase (1929)
   Jennerton and Co (1929)
   What Happened to Forester (1929)
   Slane's Long Shots (1930)
   Gangster's Glory (1931)
     aka Inspector Dickens Retires
   Sinners Beware (1931)
   Crooks in the Sunshine (1932)
   The Ex-Detective (1933)
   Ask Miss Mott (1935)
   General Besserley's Puzzle Box (1935)
   Advice Limited (1936)
   Curious Happenings to the Rooke Legatees (1937)
   Pulpit in the Grill Room (1938)
   General Besserley's Second Puzzle Box (1939)
   The Grassleyes Mystery (1940)
   Last Train Out (1940)
   The Milan Grill Room (1940)
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Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by E Phillips Oppenheim
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Short stories
The Cafe of Terror
The Case of Mr and Mrs Stetson
The Great West Raid
The Thirteenth Card