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The Glenlitten Murder

A novel by

Glenlitten Manor is the home of Andrew, Marquis Glenlitten, and his lovely, tiny, vivacious French wife, Felice. On the night of a (recurring) small game hunt, the somewhat unsavory Baron de Bresset is murdered, while Lady Felice's family heirloom diamond necklace is stolen. Guests include Sir Richard Cotton (famous London criminal lawyer) Sir Richard Haslam (African colonial administrator), Prince Charles de Seuss (impoverished Russian nobleman), and other friends and family...

This is another great novel by Edward Phillips Oppenheim, the prolific English novelist who was in his lifetime a major and successful writer of genre fiction including thrillers and spy novels, and who wrote over a 100 of them. He was the self-styled "prince of storytellers., generally regarded as the earliest writer of spy fiction as we know it today, and invented the 'Rogue Male' school of adventure thrillers. His plotting is as smooth as silk, with the virtue of creating believable characters of genuine sophistication and wit.

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