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Simple Peter Cradd

A novel by

One of Oppenheim's best works, the novel opens with a great description of the boring, wearisome life of Mr. Peter Cradd, leather merchant, husband, father, slave to his family, stoic self denier, and all-around put upon man in the bowler hat. Barely able to pay his bills, with a wife who seems him only as a wallet, his two children think of him as a disappointment. Then, he answers a letter from a lawyer, and finds out that he has inherited a fortune. What he does with it, where he moves, how he educates himself, and whom he loves form the rest of the story.

This is another great novel by Oppenheim, the prolific English novelist who was in his lifetime a major and successful writer of genre fiction including thrillers and spy novels, and who wrote over a 100 of them. He was the self-styled "prince of storytellers., generally regarded as the earliest writer of spy fiction as we know it today, and invented the 'Rogue Male' school of adventure thrillers. His plotting is as smooth as silk, with the virtue of creating believable characters of genuine sophistication and wit.

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