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Eden O'Neill

Eden O’Neill is a vegan millennial who loves all things romance! She also LOVES Disney, The Mandalorian, and pretty much all things nerd-gasm. Her books are about fierce ladies and the alpha a-holes they love to hate. Be sure to join her Facebook group “The Starlets” for exclusive teasers and prereleased content. Subscribing to her newsletter also gets you access to never before seen content including character bios, videos, and more so be sure to check that out too!


Genres: New Adult Romance
New and upcoming books
Court High
   1. They The Pretty Stars (2020)
   2. Illusions That May (2020)
   3. Court Kept (2020)
   4. We The Pretty Stars (2020)
Court University
   1. Brutal Heir (2020)
   2. Kingpin (2020)
   3. Beautiful Brute (2020)
   4. Lover (2020)
Court Legacy
   1. Dirty Wicked Prince (2021)
   2. Savage Little Lies (2021)
   3. Tiny Dark Deeds (2021)
   4. Eat You Alive (2022)
   5. Eat Your Heart Out (2023)
   6. Pretty Like A Devil (2024)

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