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Elisabeth Ogilvie

USA flag (1917 - 2006)

Elisabeth Ogilvies striking evocation of the atmosphere of the Maine seacoast that is the background of The Seasons Hereafter is no accident, for she lived in just such an area for many years, and her love for its people and their way of life has influenced all her novels.
Her activities on Gays Island, where she spent most of the year, included writing, gardening, and trying not to suspect that a bear is at the door, a moose lurking in among the alders, or a horned owl hovering overhead about to bear away the cat.
She contributed a considerable amount of writing of magazine fiction and childrens books, and is the author of several novels, including There May Be Heaven, The Witch Door, Rowan Head, The Dawning of the Day, Storm Tide, and one book of nonfiction, My World Is an Island.

Genres: Young Adult Romance
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