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Emerald O’Brien is a Canadian writer who grew up just east of Toronto, Ontario. Emerald studied Television Broadcasting and Communications Media. She graduated from the program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Her debut novel, Darkness Follows, is a New Adult Mystery and the first book in her most popular series, The Avery Hart Trilogy, is free on all retailers.

When she is not reading or writing, Emerald can be found with family, and friends. Watching movies with her husband and their two beagles is one of her favourite ways to spend an evening at home.

Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
August 2024

Little Sparrow
October 2024

Bleed III
(Skull Serial Killer, book 3)
Darkness Follows
   1. Darkness Follows (2014)
   2. Shadows Remain (2014)
Avery Hart Trilogy
   1. Lies Come True (2015)
   2. Bare Your Bones (2015)
   3. Every Last Mark (2015)
Knox and Sheppard
   1. The Girls Across the Bay (2017)
   1.5. Wrong Angle (2023) (with Jade Eby)
   2. The Secrets They Keep (2018)
   3. The Lies You Told (2019)
   4. The One Who Watches (2019)
   5. The Sisters of Tall Pines (2021)
Skull Serial Killer
   1. Bleed (2023)
   2. Bleed II (2023)
   3. Bleed III (2024)
   Closer (2016)
   What She Found (2020)
   Follow Her Home (2020)
   The Waking Place (2021)
   We Don't Leave (2021)
   I Heard You Scream (2022)
   Knock Three Times (2023)
   Little Sparrow (2024)
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Emerald O'Brien recommends
You Invited It In (2024)
Sarah Jules
"Jules wasted no time cranking up the tension and stakes in this chilling 5-star read that kept me glued to the pages. The unique elements to this haunting story delivered an unpredictability I loved, and brought a fresh feeling to a genre I've enjoyed for decades. I found myself invested in the characters in this family through their dealings with grief early on, growing desperate to see them make it through the sick and twisted events that seemed to have begun after inviting a psychic medium home to prove her a fraud. You'll love the flow of it all, from chapters, to scenes, to sentences that grip you, refusing to let go until they reveal terrifying truths. After all, you invited it in."
You Can Trust Me (2023)
Kiersten Modglin
"With white-knuckle tension, jaw-dropping surprises, and a sizzling cruise setting, You Can Trust Me is THE psychological beach read of the summer... I was eager to figure out the truth in this profoundly unsettling scenario, always wondering if there was anyone I could really trust. The thrill ride doesn't let up, and I loved every minute of this intensely absorbing story that held me in its clutches from the four words in the title, until the explosive final pages."

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