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ZNB Presents: Year Two

An anthology of stories edited by

Welcome to the second year’s-worth of stories from the online magazine ZNB Presents published by the small press Zombies Need Brains. In these pages, you will find original science fiction and fantasy stories of awe and wonder, darkness and light, ranging through all of the subgenres, including urban fantasy, alternate history, space opera, future fairy tales, and more. They come from the most talented authors in the field today—new voices as well as trusted and familiar names. Join us as we explore visions of the past, present, and future, as we encounter strange new creatures, both in our own backyard, in the depths of space, and our own imagination. Here you will:

--Search for a cryptid in the mean streets of the city that tricks
you into walking into its mouth
--Scavenge in a world where AI has passed the singularity
--Relive the scents of a recently lost world at a near-future carnival
--Fleece the rich in a South African suborbirail
--Hunt vampires in the crypts beneath the Kremlin with a saint by your side
--Bargain with the sentient plants in a precarious alliance on a colonized world
--Uncover the alternate assassin of Abraham Lincoln
--Concoct potions as an apprentice with just a touch too much flare
--Become an AI struggling to complete its mission after crashlanding on an alien world

And so much more! Twenty-four stories written by Daniel Roman, Ty Lazar, L.P. Melling, Nathan W. Toronto, Caias Ward, Jonathan Robbins Leon, Marie Vibbert, Rob Cornell, Mike Jack Stoumbos, J.L. George, Brian Hugenbruch, Andrew Gudgel, Alicia Cay, Elektra Hammond, Derrick Boden, Alma Alexander, Melinda Brasher, Louis Evans, Niall Spain, Brian Crenshaw, S.C. Butler, Sam Robb, Liam Hogan, and Christine Lucas, each with its own illustration by artists Kat D’Andrea, Ariel Guzman, or Greg Uchrin.

Welcome to the multifaceted worlds of
ZNB Presents.
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Genre: Science Fiction

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