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Laura Pender

(Dana M Anderson)

Laura Pender is the Harlequin pseudonym of Dana M. Anderson.

Dana M. Anderson is the author of "Cafe Purgatorium," a novella in an anthology of the same name published in 1991.

As an author for Harlequin Intrigue, Laura Pender published twelve books.

Genres: Romance
   Taste of Treason (1987)
   Hit and Run (1987)
   Traitor's Dispatch (1988)
   Sky Pirate (1989)
   Deja Vu (1990)
   Mindgame (1992)
   Dangerous Vintage (1992)
   Garden of Deceit (1993)
   Music of the Mist (1993)
   Midnight Rider (1994)
   Melodie Fatale (1998)
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