Sukey Reynolds

A series by Betty Rowlands

Sukey Reynolds
1 Death at Hazel House (1997)
     aka An Inconsiderate Death
2 Death at Dearley Manor (1998)
3 Death at Beacon Cottage (1999)
     aka Copycat
4 Death at Burwell Farm (2001)
     aka Touch Me Not
5 Death at Ivy House (2003)
     aka Dirty Work
6 Death on a Summer Morning (2004)
     aka Deadly Obsession
7 Death under the Apple Tree (2005)
     aka Party to Murder
8 Death at the Mariners Hotel (2007)
     aka Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Dead
9 Death at the Library (2008)
     aka Smokescreen
10 Death on Clevedon Beach (2009)
     aka A Fool There Was
11 Death in the Village (2010)
     aka Miss Minchin Dies
12 Death at Sycamore House (2012)
     aka Unnatural Wastage
13 Death at Sandy Bay (2014)
     aka The Scent of Death

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