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Betty Rowlands

UK flag (1923 - 2020)

Betty Rowlands burst on to the crime scene by winning the Sunday Express / Veuve Clicquot Crime Short Story of the Year Competition. Her success continued with the highly acclaimed Melissa Craig mysteries. She was an active member of the Crime Writers' Association and regularly gave talks and readings and served on panels in crime writing conventions.

Genres: Mystery, Cozy Mystery
Melissa Craig
   1. A Little Gentle Sleuthing (1990)
     aka Murder at Hawthorn Cottage
   2. Finishing Touch (1991)
     aka Murder in the Morning
   3. Over The Edge (1992)
     aka Murder on the Clifftops
   4. Exhaustive Enquiries (1993)
     aka Murder at the Manor Hotel
   5. Malice Poetic (1995)
     aka Murder on a Winter Afternoon
   6. Deadly Legacy (1995)
     aka Murder in the Orchard
   7. Smiling At Death (1996)
     aka Murder at Larkfield Barn
   8. The Cherry Pickers (1998)
     aka Murder in Langley Woods
   9. The Man at the Window (2000)
     aka Murder at Benbury Brook
   10. The Fourth Suspect (2001)
     aka Murder at the Old House
   11. No Laughing Matter (2003)
     aka Murder in the Dining Room
   12. Sweet Venom (2004)
     aka Murder in a Country Garden
Sukey Reynolds
   1. An Inconsiderate Death (1997)
     aka Death at Hazel House
   2. Death at Dearley Manor (1998)
   3. Copycat (1999)
     aka Death at Beacon Cottage
   4. Touch Me Not (2001)
     aka Death at Burwell Farm
   5. Dirty Work (2003)
     aka Death at Ivy House
   6. Deadly Obsession (2004)
     aka Death on a Summer Morning
   7. Party to Murder (2005)
     aka Death under the Apple Tree
   8. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Dead (2007)
     aka Death at the Mariners Hotel
   9. Smokescreen (2008)
     aka Death at the Library
   10. A Fool There Was (2009)
     aka Death on Clevedon Beach
   11. Miss Minchin Dies (2010)
     aka Death in the Village
   12. Unnatural Wastage (2012)
     aka Death at Sycamore House
   13. The Scent of Death (2014)
     aka Death at Sandy Bay