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Cece Rose

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Cece Rose is the proud owner of one dog, four turtles and one annoying boyfriend.

She hails from Devon in the South-West of England but dreams of sunny skies and sand between her toes. Although, whenever abroad she will moan about the heat and the sand that gets everywhere.

She has largely convinced all who know her that she is a vampire, mainly due to her nocturnal habits and tendency to bite. in reality, it’s because her creativity only ever strikes when the sky is dark and the stars are shining. (Plus, it’s actually quiet enough to concentrate on writing.)

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
   Hot Meat (2018) (with G Bailey, A M Hardin, CoraLee June, C B Morrigan, Jenica Saren, Brandy Slaven and Paige Taylor)
   Wicked Tales (2018) (with Serena Akeroyd, Crystal Ash, P J Dean, Bethany Jadin, Mary Martel, Elissa Ryan and Brandy Slaven)
   Snowflake (2017)