Courtney Lynn Rose

   Big Cities Sexy Stories (2020)
   Christmas Cupcake (2020)
   Frozen Valentine (2021) (with E C Land and Jackie Ziegler)
   Dominated by Desire (2019) (with Brynn Burke, A J Daniels, Deliaria Davis, Nia Farrell, Elizabeth Knox, Linny Lawless, Eden Rose, Iris Sweetwater and Crimson Syn)
   Bad to the Bone (2019) (with Krista Ames, S Cinders, Sonya Costa, Lizzie James, Elizabeth Knox, Verlene Landon, Erin Osborne, Cari Robe and A C Williams)
   Falling into Chaos (2019) (with Nikki Hunter, Liz Knox, A K Koonce, Nikki Landis, Kendra Moreno, Iris Sweetwater, Lulu M Sylvian and Kelly A Walker)
   Immortal Lust (2019) (with Krista Ames, Nicky Fox, Nicole Kelley, Liz Knox, Nikki Landis, Claire Marta, Timber Philips, Harper Ray and Parker Stevens)
   Guns Blazing (2020) (with Nicole Banks, Janine Infante Bosco, Letha Gene, Andrea Joy, Elizabeth Knox, Joanna Makepeace, Erin Osborne, Claire C Riley, Alice La Roux, Krissy V and A C Williams)
   Twisted Steel (2020) (with Krista Ames, Scarlett Black, Chelle C Craze, Amy Davies, Nia Farrell, Letha Gene, Addison Jane, Elizabeth Knox, Rae B Lake, E C Land, Erin Osborne, Dani René and Claire Shaw)
   Call My Bluff (2020) (with Flora Burgos, Evan Grace, Sam St James, Addison Jane, Kathryn Kelly, Elizabeth Knox, Rae B Lake, J Lynn Lombard, H J Marshall, Barbara Nolan and K E Osborn)
   The Elementals (2020) (with Krista Ames, S Cinders, Rae Hendricks, K L Humphreys, Liz Knox, D A Lascelles, Nadine Nightingale, Timber Philips, Emera Rose, Char Webster and Heather Young-Nichols)
   Remembering Ryan (2021) (with Nicole Banks, Janine Infante Bosco, Elizabeth Knox, E C Land, Nikki Landis, KD Michaels, Erin Osborne, Cedar Rose and Raven Scott)
Anthologies edited
   Web of Lies (2020) (with Jessica Ames, W M Dawson, Elizabeth Knox, Rae B Lake, Joanna Makepeace, Leah Negron, Alice La Roux, Dawn Taylor and A C Williams)
   Rocked to the Core (2020) (with Heather Anne, J L Baldwin, Nicole Banks, Chelle Craze, Brittany Crowley, Sarah Darlington, Letha Gene, Lisa B Kamps, Elizabeth Knox, E C Land, Joanna Makepeace, Angela Nicole, HL Nighbor, Liberty Parker, Jaime Russell, M A Stone, Aubree Valentine, A C Williams and Nicole Zoltack)