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L L Richman

A pseudonym used by Lisa Richman

L.L. Richman has a diverse background, balancing a career as a film director with evenings spent running a linear accelerator and working in radiation physics.

Physics is a big part of Richman’s life. Whereas most people keep plates and cups in their kitchen cabinets, Richman’s are filled with radioactive materials, lead-lined gloves, and a Geiger counter.

A NASA brat, Richman is also one of the five percent of pilots who are women, and can often be found flying a Piper Cherokee.

She shares her home with a physicist and three cats, two of whom are appropriately named Maxwell and Faraday.
Biogenesis War
   1. The Chiral Agent (2020)
   2. The Chiral Protocol (2020)
   3. Chiral Justice (2021)
Vision Rising
   1. Vision Rising (2023)
   2. Vision's Gambit (2023)
   3. Vision's Pawn (2023)

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