Marcia Rose

Marcia Rose worked for many years in a major metropolitan hospital in New York City, where she researched, designed, and wrote an award-winning magazine. She is the author of three "true medicine" bestselling novels, Nurses, Hospital, and Admissions, as well as the New York Times bestseller All for the Love of Daddy; Songs My Father Taught Me; Like Mother, Like Daughter; and others.
   Music of Love (1980)
   Second Chances (1981)
   Prince of Ice (1982)
   Choices (1982)
   Connections (1983)
   Admissions (1984)
   Summer Times (1985)
   All for the Love of Daddy (1987)
   Songs My Father Taught Me (1989)
   A House of Her Own (1990)
   Hospital (1992)
   Like Mother, Like Daughter (1994)
   Nurses (1996)
   Time to Heal (1998)
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