Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876 - 1958) was an American writer, often called the American Agatha Christie because her first mystery novel was published 14 years before Christie's first novel. Rinehart is well recognized for writing hundreds of short stories, poems, travelogues and articles and a significant amount of her books were adopted for movies.
"Mind over Motor" was written by Mary Roberts Rinehart in the genre and style resembling adventure novel. Since as it is not a novel but a short story the narration of it follows very fast without any unnecessary details. The story follows of a young racing driver named Tish who is anxiously tries to win the final race of her life due to her fiction interest in racing. Suddenly she stands in the front of the question, she is offered to make a great effort and cheat other participants of the race and become the leader. But the conscience of a young girl and honor forces her to think about what is more important, to win fair or fatal loss. So what has greater power? Mind or the motor?

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