Alan Sewart

UK flag (1928 - 1998)

aka Padder Nash, Alan Stewart Well

Genres: Mystery
   Tough Tontine (1978)
   The Turn-up (1978)
   A Ribbon for My Repute (1978)
   A Very Ordinary Murder (1979)
   Salome Syndrome (1979)
   Kyriakos and the Toad (1979)
   Mr. Crumblestone's Eden (1980) (as by Alan Stewart Well)
   The Women of the Morning (1980)
   Curiosity Killed the Cop (1980)
   Loop Current (1980)
   In That Rich Earth (1981)
   A Romp in Green Heat (1981)
   Letter-box Man (1981)
   Close Your Eyes and Sleep, My Baby (1982)
   Grass (1982) (as by Padder Nash)
   Death Game - Five Players (1982)
   Grass's Fancy (1982) (as by Padder Nash)
   Epitaph for Poor Richard (1982) (as by Alan Stewart Well)
   Coup De Grass (1983) (as by Padder Nash)
   Drink! For Once Dead (1983)
   Grass in Idleness (1983) (as by Padder Nash)
   If I Should Die (1983)
   My Hate Lies Bleeding (1983)
   Wayward Seeds of Grass (1983) (as by Padder Nash)
   Where Lionel Lies (1983) (as by Alan Stewart Well)
   A Multiplicity of Mrs Browns (1984)
   Dead Man Drifting (1984)
   Grass and Supergrass (1984) (as by Padder Nash)
   Candice Is Dead (1984) (as by Alan Stewart Well)
   Vengeful Flames (1985)
   Grass Makes Hay (1985) (as by Padder Nash)
   Razor Jacques (1985)
   Sheep Grass (1986) (as by Padder Nash)
   Flight of the Innocents (1986)
   Murder in Lancashire (1988)
   The Educating of Quinton Quinn (1990)
   Smoker's Cough (1990)
   Plight of the Innocents (1991)
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Non fiction