Andreya Stuart

Andreya Stuart enjoys reading historical romances because the best of them touch on weighty and thought provoking matters. You can forget how recently women got the vote and gained the right of self determination. Often it's forgot and that's still not true everywhere in the world. 
Most of us don't remember a world without antibiotics where a bad cold could kill you, or when Europe and North America might as well have been light years apart.
Andreya enjoys writing as finds the characters take over, wrenching the story out of  hands. 
That's certainly true of Elizabeth, Adam and David, the protagonists of Ruined!
 Its actually true of every book Andreya writes. 


Rob Gigot Mystery (with N A Fulton)
   1. Carnage (2022)
   2. Mayhem (2022)
   3. Havoc (2022)
   Ruined! (2013)
   Pirate's Desire (2013)
   The Warlord's Demise (2022)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Hysteria (2013)
   Acheron's Gate (2014)
   The Silver Chalice (2022)

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