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Andrea Lee was born in Philadelphia and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Harvard University. She is a former staff writer for The New Yorker, and her fiction and nonfiction writing has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine and The New York Times Book Review. She is the author of Russian Journal, the novel Sarah Phillips, and the short story collection Interesting Women. She lives with her husband and two children in Turin, Italy.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Sarah Phillips (1984)
   Lost Hearts in Italy (2006)
   Red Island House (2021)
   Interesting Women (2002)
   Poolside (2007) (with others)
Non fiction show
Andrea Lee recommends
Rosewater (2023)
Liv Little
"A gritty, heartfelt, no holds barred look at life and love in present-day London."
Fellowship Point (2022)
Alice Elliott Dark
"I've just sat up nearly all night finishing Alice Dark's Fellowship Point. Dark took over a decade to craft this magnificent novel, and the result is an instant classic: an epic tale of love, family, friendship, literature, and the American landscape, laid out on the capacious scale of a nineteenth-century classic, yet effortlessly contemporary in its voice. Tracing her story over decades and generations, Dark offers a portrayal of the complex inner worlds of three extraordinary women with an unerring insight that rivals that of Edith Wharton, or Elena Ferrante. Replete with humor, irony, gimlet-eyed observation of social mores, and a deep underlying spirituality, it's a novel so immersive you don't just read it, but practically move into it, like one of the rambling, shingled summer 'cottages' that come to life in its pages. We readers emerge at the end with a deep nostalgia for the wind-battered pines, lingering ghosts, and imperiled eagles' nests of Dark's unforgettable Maine coast."
Dear Miss Metropolitan (2021)
Carolyn Ferrell
"Dear Miss Metropolitan showcases Carolyn Ferrell’s dazzlingly original vision, her ability to blend current events and razor-sharp social observation with age-old archetypes, to create dark contemporary mythic narrative-and above all to express, sometimes in single voices, sometimes in chorus, the deepest truths of women’s souls. By turns heartbreaking, comical, chilling, and hauntingly beautiful, Dear Miss Metropolitan leads the reader on an unforgettable epic journey through the shadowy recesses of human transgression, a trip that at surprising moments breaks through into the light."

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The Best American Short Stories 2020 (2020)
(Best American Short Stories)
edited by
Curtis Sittenfeld

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