Angela M Sanders

Angela M. Sanders worked for more than a decade as a congressional investigator before turning author. Her lack of success finding bathtub reading that was suitably entertaining-yet witty and smart-led her to write the Joanna Hayworth Vintage Clothing mysteries (The Lanvin Murders, Dior or Die, and Slain in Schiaparelli). Angela's articles on Pacific Northwest history, personalities, and culture have appeared in a variety of magazines, and she's a weekly columnist for the popular perfume blog, Now Smell This.
   Queens of Wings & Storms (2019) (with Adrienne Blake, Claire Davon, Tina Glasneck, D C Gomez, Kyndra Hatch, Angela Kulig, Kat Parrish, Susannah Shannon and Jenn D Young)
   Tales Out Of School (2019) (with Skylar Andra, Deb Christie, Margo Bond Collins, Laura Greenwood, S K Gregory, Ivy Hearne, Fionn Jameson, Melanie Karsak, Angela Kulig, Natasha Larry, B C Palm, B C Robinson, Marie Robinson, Solo Storm and Arizona Tape)