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Cold River Running 2

(The fourth book in the Cold River series)
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This Native-American action thriller blends the magic of eons-old native traditions caught up in a whirlwind of frightful cyberterrorism, brutal guerilla warfare, survival against all odds, and a bizarre series of gruesome murders at the hands of a psychopathic serial killer.

Just four days after a massive nationwide power grid failure, The Cold River Indian Reservation outside Portland, Oregon is in the midst of an all-out war--

in complete darkness. Throngs of displaced and panicked criminals resembling Hollywood's "undead" have been violently breaching the boundaries of sacred Indian territory, hellbent on destroying its lands and murdering its people--including innocent women and children. But makeshift militia barricades along the river are holding ... for now.

In the midst of the madness, Native-American Police Lieutenant Smokey Kukup, a former Army Ranger fresh off a tour in Afghanistan, races home from guarding enemy lines after hearing this radio transmission from his 10-year-old daughter Laurel (who inherited the Shaman gift of foresight): "Dad, the bad men are here at the house... We're in the woods, going further up into the trees..." But when he arrives home, there is no there, there. His recently-completed log cabin is on fire. And his family is missing.

Led by the venerable Martha Coeur d'Alenes--a spry eighty-six year old tribal elder and seer who took down invaders at the river with her dead husband's trusty rifle (in spite of painful bouts of arthritis)--a group of Indian leaders begins to assemble an army fit to beat back "the bad men," who, evidence shows, have begun to resort to rape and cannibalism. Tribal Council Leader Bluefeathers and Tribal Judge Wewana, adorned in their old uniforms from the era of the war on Vietnam, join forces with Martin Andrews, the upstanding Siyapu (white man) police chief--one of the few white men they dare to trust. But Andrews has even more trouble on his hands: taking advantage of the surrounding chaos, a serial killer has gone to work, violently murdering and systematically dismembering entire families in Cold River. And Andrews has a sneaking suspicion he's met the killer before...

Meanwhile, outside the Reservation, private pilot Aaron Standford and his family are stuck in an airplane hangar outside Las Vegas, Nevada, hiding from violent scavengers. As the airport is set on fire, they're lucky enough to escape by plane, only to realize they have nowhere to land: all regional cities and airfields have descended into anarchy. After making radio contact with another aircraft--which just so happens to be flown by members of the Cold River Reservation--they're escorted to safety. And find themselves thrown into the war on the ground. Allied with the Indians, the Standfords find themselves fighting for their lives--and the lives and customs of the neighbors they've come to call family.

WHO WILL LIKE IT: Fans of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, Tony Hillerman, Anne Hillerman, Aimee and David Thurlo, and other Native-American police procedural series, plus anyone who enjoys a fast-paced post-apocalyptic thriller - with a Western twist.

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Genre: Mystery

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