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Brenda Trim

Neither Brenda nor Tami grew up writing stories or dreaming of one day being authors but that changed when they shared a joint dream of creating a world to bring to life the stories of a group of dangerously handsome supernaturals.

Brenda is a Southern California girl who grew up in a chaotic house with ten siblings. Her mother is a brave, courageous woman who has successfully battled advanced stage breast cancer for two years. Brenda inherited that drive and believes with perseverance she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. Whether that was completing her bachelors and Masters degrees, or writing books, she is always up for a challenge.

Brenda survived the brutal murder of her first husband, John DeCaprio, at the hands of the children he was counseling to go on and help children in similar situations. Brenda remarried years later and now lives with her husband and their three fun-loving, energetic children. She loves running, reading, cooking, and Monster Energy drinks. And, Tami's margaritas!

Tami is a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia. She is married and has two boys, so needless to say, she is surrounded by testosterone. We are trying to bottle Tami's strength and positive outlook on life. It has helped her beat breast cancer and she is a proud three-year survivor. She loves reading paranormal romances, running at the lake near her home, watching college football (Go Dawgs!!!), and is always in search of the next best margarita.

Their life journeys led them both to Texas and one another. They fast became best friends and can always be found together. Whether it's lounging by the pool or writing steamy love scenes, they are frequently seen laughing and smiling!

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Dark Warrior Alliance
   1. Dream Warrior (2015) (with Tami Julka)
   2. Mystik Warrior (2015) (with Tami Julka)
   3. Pema's Storm (2015) (with Tami Julka)
   4. Isis' Betrayal (2015) (with Tami Julka)
   5. Deviant Warrior (2015) (with Tami Julka)
   5.5. Mistletoe & Mayhem (2015) (with Tami Julka)
   6. Suvi's Revenge (2015) (with Tami Julka)
   7. Scarred Warrior (2016) (with Tami Julka)
   7.5. Heat in the Bayou (2016) (with Tami Julka)
   8. Hellbound Warrior (2016) (with Tami Julka)
   9. Isobel (2016) (with Tami Julka)
   9.5. Tinsel & Temptation (2016) (with Tami Julka)
   10. Rogue Warrior (2016) (with Tami Julka)
   11. Shattered Warrior (2017) (with Tami Julka)
   12. King of Khoth (2017) (with Tami Julka)
   13. Ice Warrior (2017) (with Tami Julka)
   14. Fire Warrior (2018) (with Tami Julka)
   15. Ramiel (2018) (with Tami Julka)
   16. Rivaled Warrior (2018) (with Tami Julka)
   17. Dragon Knight of Khoth (2018) (with Tami Julka)
   18. Ayil (2019) (with Tami Julka)
   19. Guild Master (2019) (with Tami Julka)
   20. Maven Warrior (2019) (with Tami Julka)
   20.5. All I Want for Christmas is my Mating Stone (2019) (with Tami Julka)
   21. Sentinel of Khoth (2019) (with Tami Julka)
   22. Araton (2020)
   23. Cambion Lord (2020)
   23.5. Merry & Bright: Dark Warrior Alliance Novella Book 23.5 (2020)
   24. Omega (2021)
   Snowbound Seduction (2017) (with Tami Julka)
   The Gift (2018) (with Tami Julka)
Hollow Rock Shifters
   1. Captivity (2018) (with Tami Julka)
   2. Safe Haven (2018) (with Tami Julka)
   3. Alpha (2018) (with Tami Julka)
   4. Ravin (2019) (with Tami Julka)
   5. Impeached (2019) (with Tami Julka)
   6. Anarchy (2020)
   7. Allies (2022)
Midlife Witchery
   1. Magical New Beginnings (2020)
   2. Mind Over Magical Matters (2021) (with Chris Cain)
   3. Magical Twist (2021) (with Chris Cain)
   4. My Magical Life to Live (2021)
   5. Forged in Magical Fire (2021)
   6. Like a Fine Magical Wine (2021)
   7. Magical Yule Tidings (2021)
   8. Magical Complications (2022)
   9. Magical Delivery (2022)
   10. Magical Moxie (2022)
   Chosen By An Alien (2021) (with Christa Ann, CL Chivas- Baron, V T Bonds, Lynn Garcia Carmer, Golduin Celestia, D E Chapman, Krysta Fox, Kira G, Zee Kelley, Riley London, Cassidy K O'Connor, Serenity Rayne, Leann Ryans and Candace Sams)
   Rejected Mates (2022) (with Skye Alder, D E Chapman, Rebekah R Ganiere, Eliza Gayle, Rebecca Hamilton, Kathrin Hutson, Cassidy K O'Connor, K G Reuss and Sofia Storm)
Series contributed to
Complex (with Tami Julka)
   Ascension (2017)
Gods of Olympus (with Tami Julka)
   5. Poseidon's Addiction (2017)