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David Baldacci attended law school at the University of Virginia, and went on to work as a trial lawyer, and later as a corporate lawyer, in Washington, D.C. He is now a full-time writer whose bestselling novels include Absolute Power, Total Control, The Winner, The Simple Truth and Saving Faith. He lives in Virginia with his wife and two children.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult Fantasy, Children's Fiction, General Fiction, Historical
New Books
April 2023

Simply Lies
Camel Club
   1. The Camel Club (2005)
   2. The Collectors (2004)
   3. Stone Cold (2007)
   4. Divine Justice (2008)
   5. Hell's Corner (2010)
   5.5. Bullseye (2014)
John Puller
   1. Zero Day (2011)
   2. The Forgotten (2012)
   3. The Escape (2014)
   4. No Man's Land (2016)
   5. Daylight (2020)
Will Robie
   1. The Innocent (2012)
   2. The Hit (2013)
   2.5. Bullseye (2014)
   3. The Target (2014)
   4. The Guilty (2015)
   5. End Game (2017)
Vega Jane
   1. The Finisher (2014)
     aka Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery
   2. The Keeper (2015)
     aka Vega Jane and the Maze of Monsters
   3. The Width of the World (2017)
     aka Vega Jane and the Rebels' Revolt
   4. The Stars Below (2019)
     aka Vega Jane and the End of Time
David Baldacci recommends
At All Costs (1998)
John Gilstrap
"That rare beast: A superior page-turner that manages to pull at your heart."
The Hunted (2001)
(OPSIG Team Black, book 1)
Alan Jacobson
"A classic cat-and-mouse with enough twists to enthrall even the most veteran thriller reader."
The Hundredth Man (2004)
(Carson Ryder, book 1)
J A Kerley
"The Hundredth Man has a crackerjack plot and wonderfully original rapid-fire prose. Jack Kerley is a writer to watch. And read."
The Saladin Murders (2008)
(Omar Yussef, book 2)
Matt Rees
"Matt Beynon Rees has taken a complex world of culture clash and suspicion and placed upon it humanity."
The Report to the Judiciary (2008)
Eugene Sullivan
"A page-turner with a true insider's knowledge."
Rules of Deception (2008)
(Jonathan Ransom, book 1)
Christopher Reich
"RULES OF DECEPTION packs a wallop. Christopher Reich is at the top of his game."
Think of a Number (2010)
(Dave Gurney, book 1)
John Verdon
"Remarkable... The writing is haunting and quotable, the twists expertly placed and infinitely plausible... You can read the book as a game of cat and mouse, a ride of chilling suspense, or a literary repast, since it provides all in abundance."
Next of Kin (2011)
(Scott Finn, book 5)
David Hosp
"Brilliant, brawny and totally believable."
Breach of Trust (2011)
(Jason Kolarich, book 2)
David Ellis
"A triumph for Ellis and a sheer pleasure for the reader."
Guilt By Association (2011)
(Rachel Knight, book 1)
Marcia Clark
"The pace, plot and dialogue are as sharp as they come."
Say You're Sorry (2012)
(Joseph O'Loughlin, book 6)
Michael Robotham
"Michael Robotham is the real deal."
I Am Pilgrim (2013)
(Pilgrim , book 1)
Terry Hayes
"Hayes delivers muscular prose, sniper-round accurate dialogue and enough superb and original plotting to fill three volumes. He balances it all with the dexterity of the accomplished storyteller that he so obviously is. I Am Pilgrim is simply one of the best suspense novels I've read in a long time."
The Killing Kind (2015)
(Michael Hendricks, book 1)
Chris Holm
"With 'The Killing Kind,' Chris Holm has created a story of rare, compelling brilliance, with a concept so high you'll need oxygen to finish it. Hit man against hit man, one pure silk and evil, the other not exactly good, but we root for him anyway as the classic antihero. This is a one-sitting, extravagant, mind-blowing reading pleasure with a stable of characters who come across as all flesh, bone and folly. You will never look at men hired to kill other humans the same way. You won't merely read this book, you will inhale it."
The Drifter (2016)
(Peter Ash, book 1)
Nick Petrie
"The Drifter is a stunning debut. Peter Ash is one of the most complex characters I've come across in a long time. The pace is like a sniper round, extraordinarily fast and precisely calibrated. The prose is fluid, original and frequently brilliant, the story heart-wrenching and uplifting at the same time. There is grit in this tale that will stay with you for a long time. Perhaps forever. I eagerly await Nick Petrie's next creation."
Orphan X (2016)
(Orphan X, book 1)
Gregg Hurwitz
"Orphan X blows the doors off most thrillers I've read and catapults the readers on a cat-and-mouse that feels like a missile launch. Read this book. You will thank me later."
The Dry (2016)
(Aaron Falk, book 1)
Jane Harper
"One of the most stunning debuts I've ever read. I could feel the searing heat of the Australia setting. Every word is near perfect. The story builds like a wave seeking the purchase of earth before it crashes down and wipes out everything you might have thought about this enthralling tale. Read it!"
Barbed Wire Heart (2018)
Tess Sharpe
"A terrific novel of suspense, heartbreak, morality and family. Harley McKenna is a remarkable character. The pages will turn themselves and stay with you for a long time."
The Escape Artist (2018)
(Zig and Nola, book 1)
Brad Meltzer
"This novel is like a launched torpedo slashing through 400 pages of deep water before reaching impact. Enjoy one of the best thriller rides ever."
The President is Missing (2018)
Bill Clinton and James Patterson
"A first-rate collaboration from a couple of real pros! Engrossing from page one."
The Silent Patient (2019)
Alex Michaelides
"The Silent Patient sneaks up on you like a slash of intimidating shadow on a badly lit street. Michaelides has crafted a totally original, spellbinding psychological mystery so quirky, so unique that it should have its own genre. I read it in two nights and savored every luscious word, every grim encounter, every startling twist. The pages will burn with the friction from your hands turning them."
The Ottoman Secret (2019)
Raymond Khoury
"An alternative history tale that will blow your mind. A story strung along the centuries that is thoroughly engrossing and one you will long remember."
This Is Not a Love Scene (2019)
S C Megale
"Terrific...Megale's prose is refreshingly original, her pacing already at a master level, and her storytelling...will pull hard on every emotion you have."
A Dangerous Man (2019)
(Elvis Cole and Joe Pike, book 18)
Robert Crais
"Bob is like a Porsche when it comes to writing. Indeed, it's quite fitting that he drives that model of car. Like the Porsche, his writing is elegant, stylish, funny, can fire on turbos when need be and dive deep when the plot demands it, but this is far and away some of the smoothest writing and best storytelling you'll ever read. He's written a lot of books, but just keeps getting better and better."
The Long Call (2019)
(Detective Matthew Venn, book 1)
Ann Cleeves
"As a huge fan of both the Shetland and Vera series of books, I had high expectations for Cleeves’ latest. She easily exceeded those expectations with The Long Call. Matthew Venn is a keeper. A stunning debut for Cleeves’ latest crimefighter."
Just Watch Me (2019)
(Riley Wolfe, book 1)
Jeff Lindsay
"Another blockbuster from a can’t-miss master. Enjoy the ride."
A Conspiracy of Bones (2020)
(Temperance Brennan, book 19)
Kathy Reichs
"This is Kathy Reichs as you've never read her before. The story starts like a pistol shot and fires nonstop through over three hundred layered pages. The twists are meticulously planned and thrown like bamboozling curves on the edge of the plate. But you will see new layers to the brilliant Tempe Brennan that may surprise you. Read this book. It was created by a master of the genre who knocks it out of the park."
Hide Away (2020)
(Rachel Marin, book 1)
Jason Pinter
"Pinter is in fine form with Hide Away. You’ll burn through the pages."
Hour of the Assassin (2020)
Matthew Quirk
"Quirk has earned his spot in the front ranks of thriller writers. Opens with a bang and keeps exploding for three hundred pages."
Power Play (2020)
(Dempsey/Devlin, book 3)
Tony Kent
"An intricate, twisty minefield of geopolitics and absolute power gone rogue. Kent has outdone himself with this one."
Curse the Day (2020)
(Michael North, book 2)
Jude O'Reilly and Judith O'Reilly
"Starts off like a fired bullet and never lets up. A sheer delight."
Dear Child (2020)
Romy Hausmann
"Dear Child is a chilling, original and mesmerizing work. Hausmann is a force to be reckoned with. You can’t stop reading."
Ghosts of Harvard (2020)
Francesca Serritella
"Ghosts of Harvard is written with a masterly, focused hand, belying the fact that this is Serritella’s debut novel. The pages burn with frenetic energy and are peopled by memorable, compelling characters. The tension is palatable, the twists and surprises perfectly timed and the stakes as high as humans should be asked to endure. The end result, a novel you will long remember and characters you will want to see again. A triumph in every respect."
The Nemesis Manifesto (2020)
(Evan Ryder, book 1)
Eric Van Lustbader
"Dark, sophisticated and compelling ... The Nemesis Manifesto couldn't be more timely."
Out of Time (2020)
David Klass
"A gripping, complex and heart-wrenching story that is as provocative as it is thrilling. Klass can weave a tale like few others."
Midwinter Murder (2020)
Agatha Christie
"Dame Agatha has sold more books than all besides Shakespeare and the Bible."
Choose Me (2021)
Gary Braver and Tess Gerritsen
"Choose Me is a whirlwind with sharp, fluid prose and fine depth of character, telling an age-old story with powerful and timely relevancy. Told from alternating perspectives, the story is chilly, creepy, nuanced, layered, a puzzler of the first order, and-above all-poignant. This story will hit home for many. Gerritsen and Braver really nailed this one."
1979 (2021)
(Allie Burns, book 1)
Val McDermid
"Remarkable and compelling . . . the Queen of Crime has delivered another masterpiece."
Her Name is Knight (2021)
(Nena Knight, book 1)
Yasmin Angoe
"A crackerjack story with truly memorable characters. I can’t wait to see what Yasmin Angoe comes up with next."
The Good Left Undone (2022)
Adriana Trigiani
"An exquisite gem of a novel, as it flits between present day and the calamitous times of World War II. No one does historical fiction better than Trigiani. You will fall in love with the characters, especially Matelda Roffo. Godere!"

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