Caron Todd


Caron Todd began writing her first romance novel after the Alberta badlands caught her imagination during a family holiday. "I thought of it as a Harlequin right away because I'd read and enjoyed so many in junior high and nursing school and later when I was a stay-at-home mom." The story took years to finish. "It began to seem like my classroom. I'd study Superromances and other novels I especially liked to see what their authors had done, then try again, and again. I liked the badlands setting and the palaeontologist hero and heroine too much to give up on them."

INTO THE BADLANDS was the first of three books featuring the Robb family. "It isn't a trilogy - I just enjoy building a world with characters who are connected to each other. A new family, the Brettons, will be at the heart of my next three books. They might have some contact with the Robbs. I love coming across familiar characters when I'm reading."

Caron was born in Marville, France when her father was stationed there with the Royal Canadian Air Force, but she's lived in Manitoba since her parents returned to the province a year later. She's married, with two adult children.

Genres: Romance
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