Martin Thomas

(Thomas Hector Martin)
UK flag (1913 - 1985)

aka Peter Saxon

Martin Thomas is a writer and public speaker with over twenty years of experience in the voluntary sector; especially charities working with children. His love for childrens literature comes from a passion for telling stories and in working with young people to help them realise their potential.

He lives with his family in Oxfordshire.

Genres: Mystery
The Evil Eye (1958)
Bred to Kill (1960)
Assignment Doomsday (1961)
Beyond the Spectrum (1964)
The Mind Killers (1965)
Such Men are Dangerous (1965)
Sorcerers of Set (1966)
The Darkest Night (1967) (as by Peter Saxon)
The Hand of Cain (1967)
The Torturer (1967) (as by Peter Saxon)
Corruption (1968) (as by Peter Saxon)
Satan's Child (1968) (as by Peter Saxon)
Through the Dark Curtain (1969) (as by Peter Saxon)
The Unfeeling Sky (1969) (as by Peter Saxon)
Vampire's Moon (1970) (as by Peter Saxon)
The Warring Sky (1970) (as by Peter Saxon)