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aka Rosie Clarke, Lynn Granville, Anne Herries, Juliana Linden, Emma Quincey, Cathy Sharp

LINDA SOLE was born in Swindon. Her family moved to Ely in Cambridgeshire when she was nine, and Linda attended the local school but left at fifteen to work as a hairdresser in her father's business. She was married at eighteen and ran her own hairdressing business for some years before moving to Cambridge, although Linda has now moved to somewhere a bit quieter in Cambridgeshire. She started writing in 1976, combining this with helping her husband to run his antique shop.

Writing as Anne Herries, Linda won the 2004 RNA Romance Award and the Betty Neels Trophy. She lives in Cambridgeshire. After many happy years of taking their holidays in Spain she and her husband, now have a second home in Norfolk. Being only a short drive, they can visit for a few days at a time, which suits their busy lifestyle these days. They are only just across the road from the sea, and can see it from their windows. At home and at the sea they enjoy watching the wildlife and have many visitors to their gardens, particularly squirrels. Anne loves watching their antics and spoils both them and her birds shamelessly. She also loves to see the flocks of geese and other birds flying in over the sea during the autumn, to winter in the milder climes of this country. Anne loves to write about the beauty of nature and sometimes puts a little into her books, though they are mostly about love and romance. She writes for her own enjoyment and to give pleasure to her readers.

Genres: Sagas, Historical Romance
Family Feud
   1. The Lie (2008)
   2. A Promise Made (2009)
   3. Winners and Losers (2009)
   4. Briar Patch (2011)
Regency Romp
   1. Happy Christmas Mr Jones (2012)
   2. Annabel's Christmas Surprise (2012)
   3. Mary's Sacrifice (2013)
   4. Captain Havers & The Abandoned Bride (2013)
   5. Ash's Secret (2013)
   6. Ferdie's Christmas Ball (2013)
   7. Beth's Dream (2015)
   The Witch Child (1980) (as by Lynn Granville)
   Bitter Sweet (1981) (as by Lynn Granville)
   Dark Blows the Wind (1984) (as by Lynn Granville)
   Pagan Fires (1984) (as by Lynn Granville)
   Lovers and Sinners (1990)
   The Last Summer of Innocence (1991)
   Shadow Players (1992)
   All Their Days (1995)
   This Land This Love (1997)
   Spring Will Come (1997)
   Her Mother's Sins (1997) (as by Emma Quincey)
   Forgotten Sins (1997) (as by Emma Quincey)
   In the Name of Honour (1998) (as by Juliana Linden)
   Flame Child (1998)
   The Ties That Bind (1999)
   The Bonds That Break (2000)
   The Hearts That Hold (2000)
   The Rose Arch (2001)
   A Cornish Rose (2001)
   A Rose in Winter (2002)
   Bridget (2002)
   Song for Athena (2003)
   Kathy (2003)
   Amy (2004)
   Give Me Tomorrow (2004)
   A Bright New Day (2005)
   Wish Down the Moon (2005)
   Cassie's Sheikh (2009)
   Chateau Despair (2009)
   A Kind of Loving (2009)
   All My Sins (2010)
   Tears Will Not Save Them (2010)
   A Dangerous Masquerade (2012)
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Novellas and Short Stories
   The Slave of Love (2012)

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