Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker is an author specialising in books for children and young adults, and has written several original Doctor Who novels, a number of Merlin novelisations, and original fiction for other shared universes. He has also written numerous factual books relating to film and television, including a history of the BBCs Visual Effects Department, where he used to work.

Alongside his writing, Mike works as a Visual Effects Designer, and his company - The Model Unit - recently won a BAFTA Craft Award for its miniature effects work on the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode The Day of the Doctor.

Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy
Series contributed to
Doctor Who : Seventh Doctor
   Matrix (1996) (with Robert Perry)
   Prime Time (2000)
   Loving the Alien (2003) (with Robert Perry)
Doctor Who
   Illegal Alien (1997) (with Robert Perry)
   Storm Harvest (1999) (with Robert Perry)
   The Genocide Machine (2000)
   Dust Breeding (2001)
   Companion Piece (2003) (with Robert Perry)
   Impossible Worlds (2015) (with Stephen Nicholas)
   Rain of Terror (2016)
   Twelve Doctors of Christmas (2016) (with Colin Brake, Richard Dungworth, Scott Handcock, Mike Tucker Cor Pas, Jacqueline Rayner and Gary Russell)
   Doctor Who: Tales of Terror (2017) (with Craig Donaghy, Richard Dungworth, Scott Handcock and Paul Magrs)
   Doctor Who: The Target Storybook (2019) (with Colin Baker, Steve Cole, Jenny T Colgan, Susie Day, Terrance Dicks, Simon Guerrier, Una McCormack, George Mann, Vinay Patel, Jacqueline Rayner, Gareth Roberts, Beverly Sanford, Matthew Sweet, Matthew Waterhouse and Joy Wilkinson)
   Doctor Who: Star Tales (2019) (with Trevor Baxendale, Steve Cole, Jenny T Colgan, Jo Cotterill and Paul Magrs)
   I Am The Master: Legends of the Renegade Time Lord (2020) (with Peter Anghelides, Jacqueline Rayner, Beverly Sanford, Matthew Sweet and Mark Wright)
Anthologies containing stories by Mike Tucker
Short stories
Missing: Two: Message in a Bottle (1999) (with Robert Perry)
The Sow in Rut (1999) (with Robert Perry)