book cover of Dangerous SEAL

Dangerous SEAL

(Book 13 in the SEALs of Coronado series)
A novel by

Her plans didn’t include a Navy SEAL.

Au pair Talia Holland couldn’t deny that the handsome Navy SEAL who saved her employer’s family a few months ago is tempting enough to break all her dating rules, but what could a mousy nanny have in common with a sexy man whose job is as dangerous as a Tom Cruise movie? Besides, she’d grown up with a father who was always away because of his job. Talia did
not want to live that kind of life ever again. But when another au pair goes missing and Talia narrowly escapes an attack, she doesn’t know who else to call for help but the one guy who lives, eats, and breathes danger. Getting close to a SEAL might keep her safe, but how will she protect her heart if she falls for a man who spends more time on foreign soil than in her arms?

But best laid plans…

Petty Officer Lennox Thompson had been hoping for a phone call from the beautiful dark-haired au pair, but not a call from the police station that she’d been attacked. Unwilling to let Talia go home alone, Lennox offers his guest bedroom for the night. However, once he hears the details, he realizes she’s involved in something more suited to a SEAL Team 5 mission than adventures in babysitting. Someone is willing to kill to get what they want, and Talia and her young charge are in the crosshairs. It will take help from his Teammates to avoid an international incident, but when Talia and little Maria are kidnapped, Lennox will take on navy protocol, smug CIA, and deadly terrorists to save the little girl who makes him laugh and the woman who makes his heart pound.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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