Alejandro Varela

Genres: Literary Fiction
   The Town of Babylon (2022)
Award nominations
2022 National Book Award for Fiction (shortlist) : The Town of Babylon

Alejandro Varela recommends
Blackouts (2023)
Justin Torres
"Blackouts is a beautiful collage of a novel. Justin Torres quenches a thirst one scene, one flashback, one image at a time."
Candelaria (2023)
Melissa Lozada-Oliva
"Candelaria is a thrilling ride. Melissa Lozada-Oliva captures with deft humor the lives of a matriarch and her brood of daughters and granddaughters as they survive addiction, patriarchy, capitalism, natural disasters, and zombies. Reading Lozada-Oliva's work is like attending a family reunion, one where you hang in the backyard smoking a joint with your favorite cousin. Melissa is a smart, compassionate, and hilarious writer. I will read anything she writes."
The Apartment (2023)
Ana Menéndez
"Menendez writes from the gut, expertly crafting the tensions and bitterness of misplacement, the suffocation of place. She also writes from the spleen; Menendez's acerbic wit finds its way interstitially through the pages of this book, finding another gear for an already beautiful prose. The array of characters, all of whom have jumped out of a frying pan and into a fire, and specifically, into apartment 2B of the Helena, are escaping a past that won't let them be. They're immigrants and refugees whose hopelessness at times obfuscates their political realities: here isn't always better than there. At the center of this book, Menendez has constructed a home, a building, a city; she's also drawn a line - possibly a circle - that stretches from imperialism to mental health."

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