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Justin Torres is an American novelist. In 2012 the National Book Foundation named him a 5 under 35 honoree.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Justin Torres recommends
For Today I Am a Boy (2014)
Kim Fu
"Beautiful and captivating."
Stray City (2018)
Chelsey Johnson
"Stray City has it all. As funny as it is moving; as joyful, as radically communal, as it is lonesome . . . Honestly, one of the most absorbing, finely-tuned books I’ve had the pleasure of falling down into. Chelsey Johnson is a wonder."
99 Nights in Logar (2019)
Jamil Jan Kochai
"99 Nights in Logar is a revelation, in every sense of the word. An intimate look at childhood, at an Afghan province, at people and places as they deserve to be known, in all their complications. This is a novel that mourns all that has been lost, and chases after what might still be recovered. A romp, a poem, a prayer, a song of childhood—like youth itself, the writing is all energy, adventure, and possibility. Jamil Kochai is an astoundingly talented writer, listen up."
Leading Men (2019)
Christopher Castellani
"Leading Men stirs up the kind of beautiful trouble we admire in the work of Tennessee Williams. A clever, allusive, multi-layered novel filled with wit, insight, and heart. I loved it."
Everyone Knows How Much I Love You (2020)
Kyle McCarthy
"Everyone Knows How Much I Love You is masterly, mendacious, and a total thrill ride. I was hooked instantly, laughing alongside Rose, alternately cheering and chastising her entanglements and escalations. McCarthy is an edgy writer and the prose is all at once darkly comic, sexy, and razor-sharp in its psychological insights. Not since a certain Mr. Ripley have I been so consumed in another's covetous desires."
It Is Wood, It Is Stone (2020)
Gabriella Burnham
"It Is Wood, It Is Stone is a fever dream of a book; absolutely captivating and wonderfully destabilizing. I could not put it down. It is about uprootedness, class and color, and sex. It is about women on the verge—of collapse, of escape, of self-knowledge—failing and flailing and propping one another up. It is a book about the limits of propriety and the boundlessness of grace. Burnham is a writer of such remarkable insight, it’s impossible to believe this is her debut."
Luster (2020)
Raven Leilani
"Hilarious, honest, bursting with desire and sharp insight, Luster is absolutely captivating. I didn’t so much read it, as gulp it down. There’s so much to learn here, so much to admire. Leilani is an irreverent, impeccable stylist - a voice we need right now."
Bestiary (2020)
K-Ming Chang
"K-Ming Chang is ferociously talented, one of my favorite new writers. She understands the language of desire and secrecy. Here is a book so wise; so gripping; so mythical and dangerous; so infused with surreal beauty, it burns to be read, and read again."
Shelter in Place (2020)
David Leavitt
"I've long been a fan of David Leavitt's work, for its range, its depth, its smarts and its humour. He is a phenomenal and prescient writer."
The Care of Strangers (2020)
Ellen Michaelson
"The book is incredibly touching in all senses of the word--in fact, it is about touching--about the way we handle and care for one another. . . . The portrait overall is quite moving. . . ."

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