Adam Wilson

Genres: Literary Fiction
Adam Wilson recommends
Mother Daughter Widow Wife (2020)
Robin Wasserman
"For a novel so steeped in questions of identity, and so engaged in exploring how the roles we inhabit—and are forced to inhabit—inform the construction of self, it’s fitting that Mother Daughter Widow Wife satisfies on a multitude of seemingly incongruent levels: as riveting page-turner; as psychologically rich and emotionally nuanced portrait of intersecting lives; as intellectually dazzling meditation on memory and trauma. As in the novels of Jennifer Egan, Jonathan Lethem, and Dana Spiotta, these elements are somehow seamlessly fused. I’d venture the reason is Wasserman’s prose, which moves at the speed of synapses firing, and is spunky and lyrical and beautifully, humanly alive."
Daughters of the Wild (2020)
Natalka Burian
"Daughters of the Wild is that rare thing, a gorgeously written and richly imagined page-turner that plows full speed across your heart. Writers like Karen Russell, Joy Williams, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez spring to mind, but Natalka Burian's voice is her own: lyrical, spunky, and defiantly untamed. It's a voice we'll be reading for a long time to come."

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