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Robin Wasserman (born May 31, 1978) is an American young adult novelist. In addition to other books, she is the author of the Seven Deadly Sins series from Simon & Schuster, featuring seven morally bankrupt teenagers in a small California town. Each novel revolves around one of the sins, and each character's transgressions specific to that sin. Which follow the lives of Harper, Beth, Adam, Kane, Miranda, Reed, Kaia, and their French teacher, Jack Powell.

Wasserman grew up outside of Philadelphia and graduated from Harvard University and UCLA. Before she was an author she was an associate editor at a children's book publisher. She is currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Romance, Children's Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Seven Deadly Sins
   1. Lust (2005)
   2. Envy (2005)
   3. Pride (2005)
   4. Wrath (2006)
   5. Sloth (2006)
   6. Gluttony (2007)
   7. Greed (2007)
Chasing Yesterday
   1. Awakening (2007)
   2. Betrayal (2007)
   3. Truth (2007)
Skinned / Cold Awakening
   1. Skinned (2008)
     aka Frozen
   2. Crashed (2009)
     aka Shattered
   3. Wired (2010)
     aka Torn
Robin Wasserman recommends
For Darkness Shows the Stars (2012)
(For Darkness Shows the Stars, book 1)
Diana Peterfreund
"A smart and sexy tale of star-crossed love that's as thought-provoking as it is heartbreaking."
We Were Liars (2014)
(We Were Liars, book 1)
E Lockhart
"I've fallen in love with every E. Lockhart book I've ever read (and I've read them all), but We Were Liars blows them all out of the water. Dark, gripping, heartrending, and terrifyingly smart, this book grabs you from the first page--and will never let go."
The Leaving (2016)
Tara Altebrando
"As heart-stopping as it is heart-breaking, The Leaving layers a wildly strange suspense story over a lovely and unexpected narrative of grief, loss, and the struggle to imagine a future in the shadow of the past."
The Possessions (2017)
Sara Flannery Murphy
"Sara Flannery Murphy has written the best kind of ghost story."
The Fall of Lisa Bellow (2017)
Susan Perabo
"A searingly smart and painful exploration of aftermath - the voids left in tragedy's wake, the truths that can never be spoken. To be the one left behind: Perabo never shies away from how much this can hurt. But in her hands, what seems at first like a story of loss ultimately becomes a narrative of renewal and an unforgettable portrait of mothers, daughters, and the tangle of desperation, fear, history, confusion, and love that binds them together."
Aftercare Instructions (2017)
Bonnie Pipkin
"A riveting novel as powerful as it is essential."
The Storm King (2018)
Brendan Duffy
"Brendan Duffy owes me several nights of sleep, because once I finished the first chapter of his novel, I couldn’t stop turning the pages until I’d read every thrilling, unsettling, heartbreakingly lovely last one of them. Duffy’s novel is, on the surface, a gripping murder mystery—but beneath that lies a love story, a cautionary coming-of-age tale, and a devastating meditation on violence and loss. A whirlwind of intrigue, vengeance, and wild longing, The Storm King will sweep you off your feet and blow you away."
Fruit of the Drunken Tree (2018)
Ingrid Rojas Contreras
"From its unforgettable opening image to its heartbreakingly perfect final line, Fruit of the Drunken Tree casts an irresistible spell, summoning us into the fierce, perilous world of two young girls in a nation on the brink. Ingrid Rojas Contreras's lush language finds hidden beauty in even the ugliest pain. A stunning debut."
Barker House (2020)
David Moloney
"David Moloney's Barker House aims its razor-sharp gaze at the machinery of mass incarceration--and the men and women at its controls. Moloney's frank and humanizing depiction is lush with regret, longing, cruelty, and hope, resulting in a novel as unflinching as it is unforgettable. A brutal and beautiful portrait of lives shaped--and warped--by a toxic system."
Catherine House (2020)
Elisabeth Thomas
"With this astonishing debut, Elisabeth Thomas has conjured an immersive, intoxicating world that left me as reluctant as its characters were to leave it behind. I inhaled the novel in a single, glorious weekend, but Catherine House and its denizens will linger with me for a very long time."
These Violent Delights (2020)
Micah Nemerever
"As unsettling as it is enthralling, These Violent Delights will engulf you: first in the intoxication of obsession, then in its toxic consequences. Micah Nemerever's debut is a beautiful portrait of intimacy, desperation, and the damage that damaged hearts can cause. It shattered me."
The Comfort of Monsters (2021)
Willa C Richards
"The Comfort of Monsters is shadowed by crime but cares more about consequence--it pairs the pulse-quickening pleasures of a murder mystery with a probing portrait of loss. Willa C. Richards's unflinching debut picks apart a tangled knot of violence, shame, secrecy, lust, and fearsome love. A dark, elegiac examination of sisterhood that's impossible to forget."
Never Saw Me Coming (2021)
Vera Kurian
"Vera Kurian has put together a powerful puzzle of a murder mystery, as impossible to solve as it is to put down. What starts as a delicious thriller becomes a fascinating investigation of amorality, vengeance, and redemption. A powder keg of a debut."
The Most Precious Substance on Earth (2021)
Shashi Bhat
"With language as lovely as it is razor sharp, Shashi Bhat paints an indelible portrait of the pleasure and pain of adolescence--and the scars it leaves behind. Like the young woman at its center, this novel-in-stories has a fierce voice, a soft beauty, and a huge heart."
Getting Clean With Stevie Green (2022)
Swan Huntley
"The woman at the center of Swan Huntley?s delicious new novel specializes in helping her clients make their houses feel more like homes - so it's maybe no surprise I found myself wanting to live inside the book. Getting Clean with Stevie Green is funny, sweet, sexy, and wise - as irresistible as Stevie herself. By the end of the first page I was already rooting for her to clean up her mess of a life. By the end of the book I was ready to hire her to clean up mine!"
The Caretakers (2022)
Amanda Bestor-Siegal
"The Caretakers is a deep, enthralling pleasure, as wise as it is lovely. I read it voraciously, desperate to discover the fates of its unforgettable characters - but also with a deep regret that each page was bringing me closer to the end. I could have happily luxuriated in its words and world forever. It defies belief that this is a debut novel: it is magnificent."
Complicit (2022)
Winnie M Li
"A shattering and morally complex portrait of power, ambition, guilt, and the toxic culture that enables entitled men to do as they please, Winnie M Li's COMPLICIT invites us into the blinding glare of the Hollywood spotlights - and the shadows that lie beyond. I couldn't look away."
Groupies (2022)
Sarah Priscus
"A luscious glimpse into the '70s LA music scene - in all its exhilarating, destructive glory. A love letter to a lost time and a lost innocence, Sarah Priscus' dark, glittering debut is irresistible."

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