Dr Hailey

A series by Anthony Wynne

Dr Hailey
The Mystery of the Evil Eye (1925)
     aka The Sign of Evil
The Double Thirteen (1926)
Sinners Go Secretly (1927)
The Horseman of Death (1927)
The Mystery of the Ashes (1927)
The Dagger (1928)
The Red Scar (1928)
The Fourth Finger (1929)
The Room with the Iron Shutters (1929)
The Blue Vesuvius (1930)
The Yellow Crystal (1930)
Murder of a Lady (1931)
     aka The Silver Scale Mystery
The Silver Arrow (1931)
     aka The White Arrow
Case of the Green Knife (1932)
Case of the Red-haired Girl (1932)
     aka The Cotswold Case
Death Out of the Night (1933)
     aka The Loving Cup
The Case of the Gold Coins (1933)
Death of a Banker (1934)
The Holbein Mystery (1935)
     aka The Red Lady
The Toll House Murder (1935)
Murder in Thin Air (1936)
Death of a Golfer (1937)
     aka Murder in the Morning
Death Of A King (1938)
     aka Murder Calls Dr. Hailey
Door Nails Never Die (1939)
The House On the Hard (1940)
Emergency Exit (1941)
Murder in a Church (1942)
Death of a Shadow (1950)
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