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Benjamin Whitmer was born and raised on back-to-the-land communes and counterculture enclaves ranging from Southern Ohio to Upstate New York. One of his earliest and happiest memories is of standing by the side of a country road with his mother, hitchhiking to parts unknown. Since then, hes been a factory grunt, a vacuum salesman, a convalescent, a high-school dropout, a graduate student, a semi-truck loader, an activist, a kitchen-table gunsmith, a squatter, a college professor, a dishwasher, a technical writer and a petty thief.

His first novel, Pike, was published in America in 2010 by PM Press, and in France in 2012 by Éditions Gallmeister. Satan is Real: The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers, a memoir co-written with Charlie Louvin, was released by Igniter Books in 2012. His second novel, Cry Father, is coming in 2014 from Gallery Books in the US and Éditions Gallmeister in France.

He lives with his two children in Colorado (shown above in a photo by Jay Halsey), where he spends most of his free time trolling local histories and haunting the bookshops, tobacconists and firing ranges of ungentrified Denver.
   Pike (2010)
   Cry Father (2014)
Non fiction
   Satan Is Real (2012) (with Charlie Louvin)
Benjamin Whitmer recommends
American Static (2017)
Tom Pitts
"A stunning achievement..."
She Rides Shotgun (2017)
Jordan Harper
"She Rides Shotgun has more kicks than any crime fiction out there, sure, but it’s also got a heart that’ll keep you up nights, slapping your head and pacing. Don’t try to tell me this is a debut novel; I won’t hear anything but Jordan Harper’s a master."

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