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'Daughters of the Famine Road' is Bridget Walsh first novel, and part of a trilogy. She is a proud member of the Irish Diaspora and currently lives in England.

She wrote this novel because She wanted to tell the story of ordinary women’s struggles to survive during the harsh Famine Years in nineteenth century Ireland. SHE self-published it on Amazon, and the ebook is exclusive to KU readers.
She also blogs about the research She undertook for the novels: the books, art, poetry, politics and historical characters She got to know on her journey to understand how Ireland's greatest tragedy unfolded less than two hundred years ago while part of the greatest, and richest, colonial empire the world has known.

'Daughters in Exile'
, the second novel was published in October 2022 and the final story, (Working title) Coming Home - 1847, will complete the odyssey. To be published in Spring 2023.

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Fifteen Wild Decembers (2023)
Karen Powell
"A haunting work. Karen Powell is a fantastic writer, particularly in her depictions of the natural world where she echoes and expands on Emily's own genius."

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