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David Wiltshire

UK flag (b.1935)

aka John Bedford

David Wiltshire spent his childhood in Cheltenham before qualifying as a dental surgeon, from University College Hospital, London. He served his National Service in Aden and Singapore.

He is married with three children and eight grandchildren and lives in Bedford.

His novel Nightmare Man published by Hale, was adapted by the BBC as a four part series.

He is the author of fourteen published novels, some under the name of John Bedford.

Genres: Science Fiction
   The Homosaur (1978)
   Child of Vodyanoi (1978)
   Nightmare Man (1978)
   Genesis II (1981)
   The Titron Madness (1984) (as by John Bedford)
   Beneath Us the Stars (2006)
   Enduring Passions (2007)
   The Tears of Autumn (2007)
   A Time of Love, a Time of War (2010)
   The Wounded Heart (2011)
   Scent of Madness (2012)
   The Dark Side of the Heart (2012)
   A Conflict of Angels (2016)
   NightKiss (2017)
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