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Diana Wilkinson (nee) Kennett was born and bred in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during the height of the civil unrest and moved to England after graduating from Durham University with a degree in geography.
After a short spell in teaching, Diana spent most of her working life in the business of tennis development. A former Irish international player, Diana finally stepped off the tennis court to become a full-time writer.
The inspiration for much of her work has come from the ladies she coached over the years and from confidences shared over coffee.
In September 2019, Diana signed a two book contract with Bloodhound Books. 4 Riverside Close, her first psychological relationship thriller, will be published on 30th March 2020 and the second, You Are Mine, comes out on 1st June 2020.
Previously, Diana self-published Fifty Fifty (Too Young to be Middle-Aged), an amusing account of what we can expect from life as we approach middle age.

Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
   4 Riverside Close (2020)
   You Are Mine (2020)
   Right Behind You (2020)
     aka The Girl Who Turned a Blind Eye
   The Missing Guest (2021)
     aka The Six Guests
   One Down (2023)
   The Woman In My Home (2023)
   The Girl in Seat 2a (2024)
   The Girl in the Window (2024)

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