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Gill Paul writes historical fiction, including Women and Children First (set on the Titanic) and The Affair (set in 1960s Rome during the making of the Burton-Taylor Cleopatra film).

She also writes a historical 'love stories' series, including Titanic Love Stories (about the 13 honeymoon couples on the ship) and Civil War Love Stories (based on couples who wrote to each other during the war).

And she writes on nutrition and health, after studying to be a doctor then changing her mind...

Gill lives in London and swims in an outdoor pond all year round. Bonkers!

Genres: Historical, Romance, Historical Romance
Gill Paul recommends
Her Last Breath (2017)
Tracy Buchanan
"An addictive novel that gets under your skin."
Her Hidden Life (2018)
V S Alexander
"An absorbing, well-researched story that brings to life an extraordinary period in history."
American Duchess (2019)
Karen Harper
"This is a fascinating story about an extraordinary woman."
The Daughters of Ironbridge (2019)
(Ironbridge Saga, book 1)
Mollie Walton
"A powerful sense of place and period, compelling characters and a pacy plot had me racing to the end."
Meet Me in Monaco (2019)
Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb
"A glorious, glamorous summer read! ...The evocation of the 1956 wedding of the year is so sumptuous you feel you are there amongst the glitterati, sipping fine champagne and inhaling the scent of Coeur de Princesse."
The House at Silvermoor (2019)
Tracy Rees
"Tracy Rees has a rare gift for making us care about her characters from the very first pages. I rushed to pick up my copy in any spare moments, because I needed to know what would happen next. It's a compassionate and compelling novel, with a heart-warming love story at its core."
Meet Me in Bombay (2019)
Jenny Ashcroft
"An epic, bittersweet love story that will draw you in and grip you to the last page. Lush, steamy colonial Bombay is beautifully evoked."
The Other Windsor Girl (2019)
Georgie Blalock
"The Other Windsor Girl is a compelling novel about the late Princess Margaret...Fans of The Crown will lap this up!"
Daughter of the Reich (2020)
Louise Fein
"A powerful, unforgettable love story."
And They Called It Camelot (2020)
Stephanie Marie Thornton
"Her Jackie steps out of the pages a convincing, three-dimensional character, complete with contradictions and self-doubt. It's like reading her private diary - witty, warm and full of color. The shining heart of the novel is her love for (and frustration with) Jack, who is described as a golden figure, so sexy any of us would swoon at his feet. Their attraction is tangible and sizzling hot. All the way through, Stephanie's writing is vivid, with lots of memorable images (like those lemon-lipped Rah-Rah Sisters!). I'm going to have to go back and read it all again in a few weeks."
The Lost Lights of St Kilda (2020)
Elisabeth Gifford
"The characters are exquisitely drawn, and the slowly emerging love story rings entirely true. This is one of the best novels I've read in a long while, a real jewel."
She Came to Stay (2020)
Eleni Kyriacou
"A gripping, evocative story of the dangers facing a young Cypriot girl in 1950s Soho. Even breathing the air is a risk as the great smog descends. The descriptions of the louche world of cafés and strip clubs are well researched and utterly convincing. It's a real gem of a book."
Nurse Kitty's Secret War (2020)
(Nurse Kitty, book 1)
Maggie Campbell
"A galloping read that conjures up life in a late 1940s hospital, complete with fierce matrons and handsome doctors. Nurse Kitty is a feisty heroine who sticks her neck out to protect her patients, while trying to resolve her own family problems and heal her broken heart. It's engaging and atmospheric."
Across the Winding River (2020)
Aimie K Runyan
"I was quickly captivated by the three narratives in this cleverly constructed novel: the poignancy of an old man in a care home looking back on his life and the child he never knew; the instinctive goodness of a young dentist treating horrific wounds behind the WWII front line; and the strength and courage of two German sisters secretly opposed to Nazi rule…A compelling story that’s about survival and loss, and most of all about love—between father and daughter, man and woman. This is historical fiction with a big heart."
The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon (2020)
Sarah Steele
"Two captivating stories of love and heartbreak, cleverly stitched together by a trail through Europe in 1962. An evocative and irresistible summer read."
The Bookseller's Secret (2021)
Michelle Gable
"A captivating story about the inimitable Nancy Mitford. Michelle Gable has a gift for describing complex, charming characters, and her Nancy steps out of the pages in all her witty, irreverent glory. This is an engrossing page-turner about books and war, and finding love in unexpected places."
Daughters of War (2021)
(Daughters of War, book 1)
Dinah Jefferies
"A glorious page-turner … a novel to disappear into."
The Prince of the Skies (2021)
Antonio Iturbe
"I adored the character of Antoine, a man who is ingenious when flying a plane and an idiot when it comes to love. The descriptions of the life-and-death scrapes he and his aviator colleagues get into are gripping, and there’s a vivid sense of the sheer thrill of flying. It’s spellbinding!"
The Paris Bookseller (2022)
Kerri Maher
"The Paris Bookseller is a compelling portrait of a remarkable woman, who steps from the pages in all her charm, courage and vulnerability. It's also a colourful snapshot of literary Paris in the 1920s, with its glamour and gossip, ogres and egos. Meticulously researched yet above all a page-turning story, this is historical fiction at its best."
The Little Wartime Library (2022)
Kate Thompson
"Gripping, emotional and uplifting."
The Attic Child (2022)
Lola Jaye
"Strong, memorable characters and an unputdownable story . . . Powerfully affecting."
The French House (2022)
Jacquie Bloese
"A vividly written, refreshingly different World War Two love story, with a central character I adored. Just brilliant!"
Nothing Else (2022)
Louise Beech
"A story of childhood trauma, survival, the fragility of memory, and of love that survives decades - I loved it."
Acts of Love and War (2022)
Maggie Brookes
"A vivid, immersive novel about a remarkable woman helping refugees in a bitter, heartbreaking war. I couldn't put it down."
Madwoman (2022)
Louisa Treger
"Louisa Treger takes us deep inside the mind of an extraordinary woman, whose ambition to succeed in a male world leads her to the very brink of madness. It's a moving, absorbing, and beautifully written story, and a terrifying portrait of the fate many women suffered in the late nineteenth century. A must read!"
Strangers in the Night (2023)
Heather Webb
"Heather Webb gets under the skin of two of the brightest stars showbiz ever produced, and takes us inside their tempestuous, compulsive, alcohol-fueled love story. Crackling with sexual tension, and full of insight about the pressures of mega-stardom, this is a spicy and addictive page-turner."

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