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A native of central Jersey, Laura Battyanyi Wiess grew up on rural acreage located on the outskirts of a peaceful little borough named Milltown, and next to the crazed, congested New Jersey Turnpike. These warring influences left their mark, as Laura walks fast and talks faster, but can also sit completely still for long periods of time, reading, writing and watching wildlife.

She claims she inherited her patience, imagination and love of books from her mother, and her impatience, determination and passion for land from her father. Her stubbornness, however, she blames on the combined mega-whammy of genetics, birth order and astrological sign, as that pretty much lets her off the hook for the whole deal.

Genres: Romance
Laura Wiess recommends
The In-between (2013)
Barbara Stewart
"A dark, compelling story of love, loneliness and obsession spun out of control…chilling, heartbreaking and nerve-wracking in the best possible way."

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