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aka Elizabeth Hallam, Livia Hallam, Livia James, J L Reasoner, Livia Reasoner, L J Washburn

Livia J Washburn's first story was published in 1978 in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine. Her first novel was published in '83 by Fawcett as by Livia James. In the eighties she had several westerns published in hardback by M. Evans, while she was writing mysteries for TorBooks under her maiden name Washburn. It wasn't until recently that Livia went back to her first love, mysteries with the October 2006 release of A Peach of a Murder.

Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Western, Romance
   The Emerald Land (1983) (as by Livia James)
   Rivers of Gold (1995) (as by J L Reasoner)
   The Healer's Road (1995) (as by J L Reasoner)
   Crusade: Lyron's Lament (1995) (with James Reasoner (as by Livia Reasoner) )
   Healer's Calling (1996) (as by J L Reasoner)
   Cossack Three Ponies (1997) (as by J L Reasoner)
   Yesterday's Flame (2000) (as by Elizabeth Hallam)
   Tie a Black Ribbon (2000) (with James Reasoner)
   The Vampire Affair (2009) (as by Livia Reasoner)
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   Twice As Deadly (2011)
   Dark Nights (2013) (with Lisa Childs (as by Livia Reasoner) )
   Wishing for a Cowboy (2013) (with Kathleen Rice Adams, Tracy Garrett, Tanya Hanson, Sarah J McNeal, Phyliss Miranda, Cheryl Pierson and Jacquie Rogers)
   Hearts and Spurs (2014) (with Kathleen Rice Adams, Linda Broday, Tracy Garrett, Tanya Hanson, Sarah J McNeal, Phyliss Miranda, Cheryl Pierson and Jacquie Rogers)
   Lassoing a Bride (2014) (with Sara Barnard, Tracy Garrett, Gail L Jenner and Sarah J McNeal)
   A Cowboy's Brand (2014) (with Gail L Jenner, Kristy McCaffrey, Sarah J McNeal and Meg Mims)
   Present For A Cowboy (2014) (with Linda Carroll-Bradd, Lorrie Farrelly, Gail L Jenner and Sarah J McNeal)
   Nine Deadly Lives (2015) (with Angela Crider, Bill Crider, Brandy Herr DesPres, Mollie Hunt, C A Jamison, Mariah Lynne, Deborah MacGillivray, Clay More, Isabella Norse, Cheryl Pierson, Mary Price, Faye Rapoport and Rochelle Spencer)
   A Cowboy's Touch (2015) (with Kathleen Rice Adams, Cheryl Pierson and Kit Prate)
   A Mail-Order Christmas Bride (2015) (with Kathleen Rice Adams, Jesse J Elliot, Tanya Hanson, Meg Mims, Cheryl Pierson, Jacquie Rogers and Patti Sherry-Crews)
   One Christmas Knight (2015) (with C Marie Bowen, Tanya Hanson, Keena Kincaid, Deborah MacGillivray, Angela Raines and Lindsay Townsend)
   A Kiss to Remember (2016) (with Kathleen Rice Adams, Tracy Garrett, Tanya Hanson and Cheryl Pierson)
   Code of the West (2016) (with Jerry Guin, John D Nesbitt, Cheryl Pierson, Kit Prate and Chuck Tyrell)
   A Cowboy under the Mistletoe (2016) (with Stacey Coverstone, Tanya Hanson, Gail L Jenner, Donna Alice Patton and Kaye Spencer)
   Best of the West (2017) (with David W Amendola, J L Guin, Jackson Lowry, Clay More, Kit Prate, Richard Prosch, James Reasoner, Charlie Steel and Big Jim Williams)
   Mail Order Brides for Sale: The Remington Sisters (2017) (with Cheryl Pierson, Jacquie Rogers and Celia Yeary)
   One Perfect Knight (2020) (with Cynthia Breeding, Keena Kincaid, Deborah MacGillivray, Linda Swift and Lindsay Townsend)
Series contributed to
Haunting Hearts (as by Elizabeth Hallam)
   Spirit Catcher (1998)
Our Town (as by Livia Reasoner)
   20. Mending Fences (1998)
Magical Love (as by Elizabeth Hallam)
   Alura's Wish (1999)
Livia J Washburn recommends
Live and Let Chai (2018)
(Seaside Cafe Mysteries, book 1)
Bree Baker
"A smart and likable protagonist, a vividly rendered setting, a suitably twisty plot, and some colorful supporting characters are the ingredients for a concoction as appealing as any of Everly Swan's specialty sweet teas. I can't wait to try out some of her recipes and to visit this delightful series again."

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